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We are pleased to provide private dental treatment to our patients here at One Dental. 

Private dentistry offers patients more flexibility when it comes to both dental treatments and available appointments. 

In particular, seeing a private dentist can be ideal if you have a busy lifestyle and cannot schedule an appointment during work hours. You may also be struggling to find a dentist in your area due to closed or extremely long waiting lists. 

Many patients also mix NHS and private dentistry, especially if the treatment they require isn’t offered on the NHS. 

One of the most common private dentist treatments is tooth whitening, which is not available on the NHS except in rare cases. However, private dentistry as a whole includes a wide range of treatment types featuring various bespoke and advanced treatment types. 

Private Dental Care Manchester

One Dental provides private dental treatment to our patients across Rochdale, Greater Manchester. 

Our clinic is based in Rochdale, with easy connectivity with Manchester and the surrounding areas. 

However, regardless of your location if you would like to access private dental care then we would be more than happy to help you. Our team has over 50 years of dentistry experience, meaning we are able to help with a wide range of dental issues. 

What Is A Private Dentist?

All of our patients whether they are NHS or private patients will be treated with the same level of excellent care. However, there are some differences with private dental treatment that may make it more suited to your needs. 

A private dentist can offer a greater range of treatments that are either not available on the NHS or would incur a longer waiting time. You may also be an NHS patient who requires dental treatment, particularly emergency treatment and you are unable to find a dentist to treat you. 

Appointment times with private dental treatment may also be offered at more convenient times, making it better suited to those who work during the day. Also, the duration of an appointment is usually longer when it is a private dentist appointment.

Private dentists may include those with greater specialism, including those who work outside of the NHS. This may give you access to more advanced treatments that the NHS does not provide. Also, cosmetic dental treatments such as tooth whitening and dental implants are not usually available on the NHS. 

While private dentistry is more expensive, the cost is regulated by the government ensuring the price of accessing treatment remains consistent.

Private Dental Treatment List

  • Airflow

  • Amalgam Fillings

  • Bite Guard

  • Bonded Bridge (per unit)

  • Bonded Crown

  • Chrome Denture

  • Clinical Exam

  • Composite Fillings

  • Dressing

  • Emax Crown

  • Emergency Assessment

  • Extraction

  • Extraction

  • Flexi Denture

  • Full Upper and Lower Acrylic Dentures

  • Glass Ionomer filling

  • Home Whitening

  • Hygienist non-patient S&P

  • Hygienist S&P (20 mins)

  • Hygienist S&P (30 mins)

  • Implant

  • Internal Whitening

  • Internal whitening per tooth

  • Metal Crown

  • New Patient Assessment

  • Orthodontic braces (ceramic)

  • Orthodontic braces (metal)

  • Orthodontic consultation

  • Partial Denture

  • Periodontal Scale

  • Pin or Screw Retention

  • Post & Core

  • Re cement Crown

  • Root Filling (Incisor/Canine)

  • Root Filling (Pre Molar)

  • Scale and Polish

  • Small X-Ray

  • Study Models

  • Whitening Top Up Syringes

  • Zirconia Crown

Dental Hygienist Appointment

Did you know that more teeth are lost due to gum disease rather than tooth decay? Therefore, regular dental hygienist treatment is one of the best preventive measures you can take to protect your oral health. 

During your appointment, your dental hygienist will carry out a thorough examination of your mouth. A scale and polish will be performed, which will remove any tartar or plaque buildup. An additional clean will remove any superficial stains on the teeth.

Your hygienist will also provide tailored advice on how you can improve your oral hygiene. This may include advice about brushing technique, flossing, interdental brushes. Also, they will advise you about any necessary dietary changes that will help protect your teeth from decay.

We recommend booking in for a dental hygienist appointment in addition to regular dental treatment, as both work in tandem to promote healthy teeth and gums. 

Can An NHS Patient Use A Private Dentist?

Yes, private dentistry is available to everyone regardless of whether they are registered with an NHS dentist or not. However, a private dentist will be more expensive versus having the treatment carried out on the NHS. You may also be an NHS patient who would like a treatment that is not normally performed on the NHS such as tooth whitening. Therefore, the only option would be to seek private dental treatment. 

How Often Should I See My Dentist?

Regardless of whether you are accessing NHS or private dentistry, we recommend scheduling a checkup every 6 to 12 months. A regular dental examination is the best way to avoid tooth loss, tooth decay, gum disease and similar preventative conditions. 

Based on our findings, you may require ongoing treatment. If this is the case, we will give a full explanation of how many treatments you will need and how often you will need to come back and see us. 

Emergency Dental Treatment Manchester

We provide a range of emergency dental treatments for our patients on both an NHS and private basis.   

Reasons you may require an emergency dentist include a broken or knocked out tooth, missing filling or crown, unexplained tooth pain, bleeding gums, abscesses, exposed nerves or a swollen mouth or jaw. 

Please contact us at the earliest instance if you have any of the above symptoms or any other concerns that may be considered a dental emergency. 


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