A beautiful white smile makes you look and feel more attractive, radiant and confident. Everyone remembers a beautiful white smile.

At One Dental, we know the difference a stunning white smile can make, and the power it has in making the owner feel more attractive, radiant and confident. Your teeth can be whitened through a variety of packages, including Enlighten, Professional Whitening Strips, and our own One Dental Whitening. Our qualified dental professionals will advise you on the best option for you. Read on below to find out our different options, or get in touch to discuss teeth whitening with our friendly team.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening – £399

Enlighten is the world’s top performing teeth whitening treatment as it guarantees shade Vita B1 for every patient. Your dentist will make you a custom-made whitening tray that will fit your teeth perfectly. The Enlighten teeth whitening gels 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide are added to the whitening tray which is worn overnight for fourteen nights, and this is followed by a booster cycle.


Laser Whitening – £315

We have recently started offering a laser whitening service called BEAM In-Office Teeth Whitening treatment. This is a 45-minute whitening treatment that takes place during a 1-hour appointment. The combination of a whitening gel with a whitening lamp work together to provide a quick and effective whitening solution. You also receive a take-home whitening treatment in order to prolong the effectiveness of the whitening and to give you maximum, long-lasting results.

One Dental Whitening – £215

Working especially well for heavily stained teeth is our One Dental Whitening, made of 6% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel that is added to a custom-made whitening tray, fitting your teeth seamlessly. This is worn for ninety minutes per day and we recommend this is continued for four weeks to give the best result.


Professional Whitening Strips – £75

Our mouldable strips contain 6% hydrogen peroxide which simply, safely and effectively whitens teeth. For two weeks they should be applied for sixty minutes per day. A silver particle whitening toothpaste and brush are supplied to help prolong the effects of teeth whitening.